A-Board signs are being used by more and more businesses as they recognize the varied benefits these signs provide.  Almost any business can put these signs to good use.  Special events, conventions and trade shows use these signs to direct and give information to exhibitors and attendees to areas of need.  Apartment complexes need a-boards to advertise vacancies and special promotions.  Restaurants advertise special promotions.  Realtors and developers use a-boards for directional signs.A-Board Sizing

Decorated either simply or more elaborately, a-boards often command attention that other types of signs cannot. Inexpensive, easy to install, portable, and easy to store. We custom fabricate any of our a-boards to meet your unique needs. We can handle any degree of complexity and we can reproduce your logo on these signs.

We offer two types of a-boards in three different sizes.

MDO Plywood A-Boards

ABoard, Signs, Wood

Our most popular a-boards are the MDO plywood kind.

They are made from a 1/2″ outdoor grade plywood.  The faces are covered with a smooth white vinyl surface, while the edges are sealed with plastic edging to help protect the boards from moisture.  Plywood a-boards also come equipped with heavy duty flexible rubber hinges, rubber feet to keep the board stable, and a nylon carrying handle.

We reccomend the MDO a-boards for use outdoors due to how long they last, and how well they stand up to wind.

MDO Plywood A-Boards are available in three sizes:

  • 24″ Tall X 24″ Wide
  • 32″ Tall X 24″ Wide
  • 48″ Tall X 32″ Wide

PVC Plastic A-Boards

ABoard, Signs

The plastic a-boards are cnc routed out of 6MM (1/4″) PVC plastic.  They include sleek plastic hinges and handles routed into the faces.

PVC a-boards are an excellent choice for short term outdoor use, or indoor use.

The a-boards are fairly light weight, ideal for a sign that will be moved around a lot.  The PVC a-boards are also unique in that both the front and back of both faces can be used.

PVC Plastic A-Boards are available in two sizes:

  • 24″ Tall X 24″ Wide
  • 32″ Tall X 24″ Wide

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