Vehicle graphics are a great and very cost effective way to advertise your business.  We can apply graphics to your car, van, pickup, box truck, trailer, equipment, or any other vehicle that you would like to advertise your business on.

We have two ways of doing vehicle graphics:

Applied Graphics


Applied graphics are a great medium to long term, non-permanent option for advertising on your vehicle.

We can do both cut vinyl graphics and digitally printed full color graphics.

Applied vehicle graphics can be removed when the time comes to sell or trade in a vehicle, however they are not reusable like magnetics.



Magnetic signs are a great low cost, non-permanent way to advertise on your vehicle.

The most popular size for magnetics are 12″ x 24″.  We are able to custom cut it to any size or shape.

Magnetics need a nice flat surface for proper adhesion to the vehicle.  It is reccomended that you stay under 60mph with your magnets on your vehicle to limit the chances of losing them.

Please refer to the magnetic care sheet to get the most out of your magnets!

The Process

Vehicle graphics can be one of the most impactive advertising for your business, so we want to make sure the end result is exactly what you envisioned.

Start the process off by bringing your vehicle by the shop and talking to us about your thoughts and ideas.  We will take some measurements, and provide you with a cost estimate.

Once you place the order we will take photos of the vehicle and detailed measurements that we will use together with your ideas to prepare a design proof.  In most cases we are able to show the graphics on the photo we took, so you can really get a good feel for the design.

Once we get a design that you like and approve, we move on to production and installation.